A dedicated teacher, student and practitioner of Tp1020480riYoga® since 1998, Bindu is a senior teacher in the TriYoga method and is on the TriYoga teacher training staff. She has a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Dance and prior to teaching yoga, was a professional dancer/choreographer with experience in teaching both dance and Pilates. Bindu’s teaching style is strongly influenced by her passion for movement, and a lifelong exploration of breath into stillness into silence. She is motivated to move into meditation in action in all moments of life allowing life to manifest in all its brilliance.

With over 20 years of experience teaching yoga, she creates a safe, nurturing and joyful environment for students to flow deeply into the practice of yoga. The dedication and compassion she brings to teaching reflect the many years of study with her teacher Kaliji.

Bindu up to 2016 was living in the province of Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa with her husband Shaun, where they have formed the yoga lifestyle based company Bliss Monkie yoga solutions. During their 12 years abroad Bindu and Shaun were able to bring TriYoga to the South African community, developing classes,workshops, and teacher trainings. In South Africa there are now nine certified TriYoga teachers from Basics thru to Level 2. She is currently living back in the states with her husband and developing their original music project, The Missing Frets, as they continue to share the teachings of Kaliji and the flow of TriYoga,



Bindu has patiently guided me through my Basics, Level1 and Level 2 training and practices during the last 5 years. She is a gem, able to be next to you and hold space while you face your fears, and while you discover new aspects of yourself. She is an inspiration, her flow is impeccable, detailed, and that is such a blessing in ones own journey through TriYoga.
– Isabel Arzeno

I started yoga with Bindu about a year and a half ago, a nervous student who knew nothing about yoga. Under her gentle guidance I grew in confidence and enjoyed it so much that soon I was attending a minimum of four classes a week. She has a gentle, yet reassuring manner and is always close at hand to offer support, using her vast experience to guide you.
– Cheryl-Ann Antonizzi

I have had the pleasure of knowing Bindu for 10 years as a instructor and a teacher trainer. Bindu’s passion toward yoga and her teacher is very clearly seen. She is an excellent teacher bringing lots of passion and love to the practice.
I feel extremely privileged to have had her as a teacher.
– Justine Reed

Bindu seems very much in tuned with each of her student’s level and ability, and encourages each person to move through their own limits while at the same time not forcing into something for which they are not ready. There is also a gift of laughter in each class. My practice grew on both physical and spiritual levels. Her classes always flow easily from one pose to another amidst an atmosphere of joy and peace.
– Marj Babiak

Bindu communicates exceptionally well, gives beautiful and graceful demonstrations and exhibits such kindness and patience that everyone feels good no matter the skill level.
– Rochelle Farkas

Bindu combines the qualities that make a rare and fine teacher. She is accomplished in TriYoga and brings to it a background in dance and an understanding of the innate potential of the human body. She is observant, careful, and enthusiastic. My experience of being Bindu’s student is one of constant and steady growth. She has opened a world of grace and strength to me that I didn’t know was possible.
– Mariyln Harris Kriegel

Bindu creates an unbelievable peaceful yet challenging environment. The atmosphere in her classes flows continuously. She is extremely patient and generous with her time. Her classes are so enjoyable because of her humor and wisdom. Through Bindu’s inspiration of yoga both on and off the mat, I have been moved into teaching yoga myself.
– Gerry Tuten

Bindu is very skilled in the practice of yoga, yet has the patience to make each of us believe that there is a way for us to do every part of the class. She brings warmth and a sense of humour to each class, and she structures her classes so that there are similarities from class to class, but variety in the actual flow. Somehow she seems to work every part of the body. That together with her instruction on breathing has allowed me to make progress both in yoga class and also in my day to day activities.
– Susan Oakley