With wonderment and excitement I step onto the yoga mat as though it was the first time approaching the thin purple friend.  Standing at the top of the mat the eyes close. I take the first exhale; the feet settle and sink into the fabric of my lifesaver.  Inhaling I am aware of the expansion in the body and the mind.  The next exhale, the tension begins to melt. The body begins to relax from its restrictions; the tightness in the mind begins to loosen.  Inhaling stress loosens its grip.  The next exhale should do it brining me back to self.  That was it the shoulders softened, the lungs fill and release, a sensation of floating as the body stands perfectly still enjoying the first moments of ease.  Do I dare to open the eyes? Will I loose the flow in those moments of outward gaze?  No still connected.  Hearing the lovely soft sound of victory breath, relaxing deeper. I let go into the familiar sound which is going to support this body as it flows from one posture to the next seamlessly. 

The first movement, surrendering into joy and the mind relaxes into the abyss of bliss.  Thoughts lessen as the breathing keeps the steady rhythm, the body obeys following the breath into its musical dance becoming united. The body is the instrument, the mind the bow, the breath the musician, the self the maestro conducting the symphony.  Gratitude and love flood in touching every fibre of my being, engulfing the heart, pushing out the last held patterns, leaving no traces of the moments before the practice.  Laughter and joy spontaneously arise.  Each moment is a gracious pranam (bow) to the divinity with in and with out.  

The final flow, the last asana, easing into deep relaxation the ground graciously gives its support. Weightless as a cloud the mind takes its last attempt to gain control.  Exhaling the natural breath takes over, quietness pervades.  Just as a stream flows into a river then into the ocean, self flows into consciousness into the vastness of the universe.



The Valve to Bliss

Sipping some tea I glance over the top of the mug at the greenery in the garden being absorbed into its beauty and listening to the sounds of life encircling the scenery. Closing my eyes and listening more intently, the subtle sound of my breathing flows in sync with the steady rhythm of the musical landscape. This moment has become precious, savouring the stillness and simplicity of existence, allowing the coexistence between us to happen as my breath blends into the air.

“And when he sees me in all and sees all in me, Then I never leave him and he never leaves me. And he, who in this oneness of love Loves me in whatever he sees, Wherever this man may live, In truth, he lives in me…”
Bhagavad Gita, VI:30,31
This quote from the Bhagavad-Gita is an example of the heart chakra being open. To be able to see the divine in everyone and to see everyone is the manifestation of the divine is a beautiful ability to have. To flow with ease, enjoying the act of being with all things with love freely flowing without restriction or disruption to keep the heart open at all times with out attachment. The concept we can grasp, yet it does not always feel acheivable. Absorbing in the sounds of the garden I take another sip before my mind begins running on a tangent.

Filtering through my mind the word ego becomes like a mantra. Not exactly the mantra that will steady and focus the thought waves unblocking patterns, however it is the repetition that comes. I am aware, I am guilty as most of us are of not practicing the art of allowing and keeping that lovely heart of ours open. We may for a period of time have that bliss inside until someone or something causes a kink in our delicate daily rhythm. We are all responsible for our own manifestations and circumstances that are present, when things go well no problem, however if things are not going as we planned we create disharmony with others usually unintentionally. The ego steps in like a gigantic wall stopping the bliss from flowing outwards as we encounter circumstances less favourable preventing the ability to be non-attached.

Existence that is what we are experiencing every moment. Why is it difficult to coexist with others, to listen to each other and breathe with each other? In an unconscious state we are driven by the ego which comes with it pride. We have all encountered events in our life where pride got in the way. Collisions seem to happen as a daily routine with others. Usually causing some sort of unhealthy emotionally pattern which tends to get blown out of context. One day we wake up once the hectic event settled and notice we are not broken. We are the pilots of our own destiny, manifestations and creations. We can choose to fly into the wind with resistance or soar.

We are never really broken no matter what circumstances come barreling down on top of our path. Not always the easiest thing to remember. As humans we are very reactionary either physically or emotionally leading to the aftermath of pain which is not our natural sate but something we have created. So how do we break this cycle of emotional driven circumstances?

Some say this is what we have to deal with until we reach a higher state of consciousness. Well bring it on lets dissolve this nuisance of an ego, that wastes valuable time. For what ever reason we have signed invisible contracts with each other to relate in different ways for whatever we learned or did not learn from the time before. Meeting at the exact scheduled time making us face what we need to. Showing us our reflection for an opportunity to change. The meeting could also be one of love and happiness. Regardless the outcome is a chance for growth and betterment.

Not sure what the answer is to extinguishing the habitual patterns of reactions besides going back to the practice of yoga and onto the mat to filter through the boggled situations that are presenting themselves in a regular routine. Replacing or training the conditioned thought patterns which we have grown accustomed too, for those of higher frequency attracting healthier circumstances into our life. When the collisions happen the best solution to remember we all make mistakes and all have to deal with an outrageous ego. Collisions will happen since we are at different levels of consciousness. For those that have taken the step forward on the spiritual path upholding your truth with out disempowering another or yourself is definitely something to achieve and not to fall into the habitual patterns that prevent us from the bliss. Something to reflect on as the balancing act in life continues. Opening and closing the valve to bliss