With wonderment and excitement I step onto the yoga mat as though it was the first time approaching the thin purple friend.  Standing at the top of the mat the eyes close. I take the first exhale; the feet settle and sink into the fabric of my lifesaver.  Inhaling I am aware of the expansion in the body and the mind.  The next exhale, the tension begins to melt. The body begins to relax from its restrictions; the tightness in the mind begins to loosen.  Inhaling stress loosens its grip.  The next exhale should do it brining me back to self.  That was it the shoulders softened, the lungs fill and release, a sensation of floating as the body stands perfectly still enjoying the first moments of ease.  Do I dare to open the eyes? Will I loose the flow in those moments of outward gaze?  No still connected.  Hearing the lovely soft sound of victory breath, relaxing deeper. I let go into the familiar sound which is going to support this body as it flows from one posture to the next seamlessly. 

The first movement, surrendering into joy and the mind relaxes into the abyss of bliss.  Thoughts lessen as the breathing keeps the steady rhythm, the body obeys following the breath into its musical dance becoming united. The body is the instrument, the mind the bow, the breath the musician, the self the maestro conducting the symphony.  Gratitude and love flood in touching every fibre of my being, engulfing the heart, pushing out the last held patterns, leaving no traces of the moments before the practice.  Laughter and joy spontaneously arise.  Each moment is a gracious pranam (bow) to the divinity with in and with out.  

The final flow, the last asana, easing into deep relaxation the ground graciously gives its support. Weightless as a cloud the mind takes its last attempt to gain control.  Exhaling the natural breath takes over, quietness pervades.  Just as a stream flows into a river then into the ocean, self flows into consciousness into the vastness of the universe.