Bliss Monkie is a multi media yoga company offering inspiration, insight and ideas on yoga lifestyle thru the mediums of writing, teaching TriYoga®, meditation, and plant based diet.  We aspire to bring the highest level of teaching to our students thru continuous education in the field of yoga, to inspire change thru example, and lend guidance towards wellbeing.

Bliss Monkie began in 2006 in the Republic of South Africa with the founding members being Bindu and Shaun Lovell. Thru their vision to create awareness on the benefits of yoga lifestyle they created the platform to educate the community at large. From the beginning they dedicated their time and efforts to teach between them 40 classes a week to spread awareness on TriYoga.  They helped to educate, build and inspire a community of dedicated students. After twelve years abroad they relocated back to USA in 2016 where they continue their combined efforts to educate and inspire others towards a life of wellness.